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How can I view your footage on the Web?

Try the Video Quick Search box at the top of this page, or do an Advanced Clip Search, giving access to thousands of online downloadable screening reels. You can also view dozens of our most popular screening reels by topic. You'll find still frames from our footage throughout the site. Additionally, we can email you QuickTime samples upon request. You can also watch our demo reel.

How can I order footage on the Web?

Ordering from the FILM Archives web site is simple: If you see something you'd like online, just email or phone in the time code (212-696-2616) and a brief description or screen capture. We'll quote you the license fee, create a downloadable file in your preferred format, and upload the footage within hours of your request. It's that easy! (First-time customers must pay by credit card.)

I searched your database and can't find my request;
does this mean you don't have it?

Not necessarily--we're always acquiring new collections and libraries, so it pays to phone or email us with your specific inquiries.

How long will it take to receive my footage?

Once a client selects the final shots, we can upload the master material the same day we receive your order.

What formats are available?

We can accommodate any format the client requests--just ask!

What rights come with my footage?

All footage is copyright cleared, either because it is in the Public Domain or because the copyright owners whose libraries we represent have licensed it to us. Music, trademarks, logos, talent, and other underlying rights are subject to additional fees which must be negotiated on a case-by-case basis. (Also see: Client agreement).

How much can I expect to pay for stock footage?

The cost per shot depends on how you intend to use it. For example, a PBS documentary will cost less than a national TV spot. All online research is free. You can view and/or download any clip for offline editing. For more info, you can read or print our detailed rate cards.

What form of payment does FILM Archives accept?

First-time customers must pay C.O.D. (cash, check or credit card--Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or PayPal). Once a client has established good credit, we bill via standard invoice (terms: net 30).

Does FILM Archives offer any discounts?

We are always willing to discuss volume price discounts for ongoing projects such as syndicated television shows or for usage longer than one minute in a single project.